Zombie Apocalypse Attire

What attire do you think of when it comes to the Zombie apocalypse? Are you the practice type that would only choose the things that would benefit you, or would you say, heck with it, and wear whatever you want, anyway?

For me, I think I’d wear much the same as Samantha in the following sample of Love Knows No Apocalypse:


“I have to get this baby food back to Naomi.” Samantha grabbed a backpack off the backseat. “We’re only about thirty minutes away.”

“We’ll get drenched.”

“Are you afraid of the rain, Stevey?”

He looked down at his Hawaiian t-shirt and matching shorts, and she had to laugh. If you couldn’t be in Hawaii, dressing like it was the next best thing he had told her.

She shook her head. “You were the one who wanted to wear it. I told you to be practical.”

The storms of Autumn were upon them, and they weren’t overly pretty. The warm weather for wearing t-shirts and shorts was long gone, but she loved the rain and being covered up. That’s why she was wearing a pair of utility pants and a compression shirt, and her favorite leather jacket. She grabbed a pink Nike jacket that she’d found for Naomi off the floor. It was on the larger side. “Try this,” she said.

Steve shook his head and recoiled from her offer. “If I walk into the house wearing that, I’ll never live it down.”

Sam laughed. “Suit yourself.”

Why cargo pants? Well, they have endless pockets for storing things and are super comfortable. And as for the leather jacket, zombies can’t bite through leather; at least, not to my knowledge. It’s not a theory I’d want to test though. I like breathing, thank you.

Now, in contrast, Steve isn’t as practical as Samantha. Stubborn man would rather wear what his flowery Hawaiian shirts to remind himself of yesteryear. But make no mistake, he’s alert and very much on the ball.

With being an apocalypse, you’re not complete without a weapon. What would you use? I’ve had my experience with a variety of weapons—staff, sword, bow. My favorite would have to be the sword, as long as it’s nice and sharp. The only downside is having to get up close and personal with the undead. Getting splattered by them is not my idea of a good time.

So let’s hear what you think. Share with me your zombie attire.

Love Knows No Apocalypse Blurb:

“Getting stranded in the middle of a storm was not Samantha Wheeler’s idea of an ideal situation, especially in a zombie apocalypse. But fighting zombies was the easy part; her heart, though, was a whole other matter. Thanks to a man named Steve Jones.

When they find themselves in danger, she has to decide what’s more important – dying for someone you love or surviving.”

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Thanks for reading 😀


14 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse Attire”

  1. Wonderful blog, but you’re killing me with these zombie notes. Nightmares for sure tonight. Can’t wait to read your story. I’m reading Carol’s right now. Goodnight.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You mean you wouldn’t want me to dress up as a zombie and knock on your door? *lol*

      I just finished reading Anne Krist’s story, so I’m slowly making my way through the book. Everyone has done a great job. I loved your idea of dream catchers bringing soulmates together.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Great blog Patricia! Love a man preparing to do battle with flesh eating zombies in a colorful shirt! Lol. Those type of men are the best. They march to the beat of their own drum. This was a great story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gotta stay true to yourself, eh. 😀 It would be so easy to forget who you are in an apocalypse. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. I have just reached your story in the anthology and can’t wait to read it.


  3. Looking your best in a zombie apocalypse is definitely important lol 😂. I would definitely at least want to look good before the flesh eating zombies get me . At least they’ll be dating someone with good fashion that’s if I have any sense of fashion Ha ha ha ha . I just love your zombies stories.


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