Facebook Groups For Writers

As a new writer, it can be a challenge to grow your online platform and to market your work. In this blog, I wanted to share with you the Facebook groups that allow you to promote your work in some way, shape, or form; however, I would encourage you to read their rules and introduction posts before you post. Some of these groups have very strict rules, and if you don’t adhere to them, you will get banned.

There are more groups beyond this list, but it should help you get started. Be sure spend time getting to know your fellow writers. The more you support others, the more likely you will be supported.

Happy sharing!

18+ book Promotion & Reviews
Amazon Book Club
Amazon Books, Likes and Rankings
Amazon Goodreads & Wattpad
Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle Book Promotion
Amazon Kindle GoodReads
Asking for eBook reviews on Amazon
Aspiring Authors
Authors & Their Editors
Authors & Books & Readers
Authors and Publishers Group
Author & Book Promotion
Author Book Promotion
Author Book Promotions
Author/Publisher/Editor/Book Readers
Author Promo and Book Sales Group
Authors Promoting Their Books
Authors & Readers
Authors’ Tales
Authors, writers, books, book-lovers, illustrators…
Blazin’ Books
Bloggers & Authors Connect @ bare naked words
Book Bloggers, Book Lovers and Reviewers
Book Blog Hops and Tours
Book Junkie Promotions
Book Lover and Author Promo(Takeovers)
Book Promotion
Book Promotion
Book Promotion and Reviews
Book Promotion Library
Book Promotions
Book Promotions (Yes, there is another group by the same name)
Book Me Promotions
Book Reviews & Promotion
Books and Friends Book Club
Books, Blogs, Readers & Writers
Books n All Book Promotions
Books or Bust
Celebrating Authors
Coffee & books
Colleen’s Book Obsessed Friends
Community Author Books
Contemporary Romance Novels & Novellas
Creative Writers Hangout
eBook & Book Ads and Prom
Ebook and book promotion
Ebooks Gone Viral
Ebooks on the go
Echoic Writers
Everything and anything to do with books
Free Kindle book Promotion
Foreever Crazy Book-Aholics
Get The Best Book
Get Your Book On
I love bookz.com – Promote your book
I Love Passion Romance
Kindle Author Book Promotions
Kindle Book Club
Kindle Book Promotions
<Kindle Book Promotion> Authors, Writers & Bloggers
Kindle Book Promotion – KBS
Kindle Forever
Kindle Kingdom – Review & Promote Books
Kindle readers and authors
Kindle Readers & Kindle Writers
Latest Book Deals & Reviews Worldwide
Literary Pulp Book Share
Marketing for Romance Writers
My Book or Yours? Readers & Writers promo books
Must Read Books
Must-Read Great Books
Novel Writers Unite
Promote and pimp your Perfect book
->>Promote your Kindle Book
Promote Link
Promote Promote Promote
Promote Your Book!
Promote Your Book Here
Promote Your Book HERE
Promote Your Books Here
Published, Self, and Aspiring Authors
Readers and Authors
Readers and Authors promotions
Readers & Writers – Share Your Stuff Here
Read This
Rising Authors: Amateur to Professional
Romance Authors Association
Romance & Kink books
Romance Book Haven
Romance readers and writers group
Romance Reads, Reviews, and Recommendations
Romance Writers
Romance Writers & Readers United
Romance Writers, Readers, Bloggers & Reviewers
Romance Writers Resource
Romance Writers Unite!
Talking Fiction
The Club Blogs Books Promo Group
The Kindle Book Library
Writers and Authors and Readers unite and rejoice
Writers and Readers
Writers and Readers Unite
Write, Promote, and Sell Books
Writers Promote Your Books
Writers’ Soapbox
Writing Bad Promotions

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