Slow Burn: The Fires That Bind Us


Book Description:

Australia is burning, and the heroes between these pages are going to save it. Amazing authors have banded together to bring you smoking hot firefighter romances to support bushfire relief. From rural Australian settings to the world of mages and shifters, these stories will have you heating up — for more than one reason.

Proceeds from this anthology go towards the NSW Rural Fire Services to help rebuild after the devastation of our summer bushfire season here in Australia.

Into the Fire

Ash Daniels is single and plans to stay that way. Theresa Martin, the only woman he ever loved, left him high and dry, disappearing from his life years ago without a trace. Now, his only focus is saving his town from a raging bushfire that has scorched the land all around them. When he’s dispatched to his ex-girlfriend’s place, his painful past comes rushing forward. His only hope is that he can stay focused long enough to save her place and not die in the process.

Theresa Martin never expects to face a life or death situation; but, when the bushfire reaches her back yard, she realizes that the secret she’s been keeping isn’t hers to keep anymore. She has to tell Ash why she ran away before death rips that chance away.

But what he’ll do with the news is anyone’s guess…