Rapture: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Romance Anthology 2018

rapture 3d cover image

Book Description:

The genre of romantic fiction is one which easily conjures cliché images of tall, dark strangers and meetings across crowded rooms. This anthology blows those clichés apart: here you will find genre-spanning stories which test the outer limits of what romance is, and which also explore its depths in the heart.

Prepare for surprises, passion, energy and a smattering of the unusual; prepare for mini-sagas set in foreign climes, short pieces which evoke amorous devotion, and even some alluring poetry, in one of the most entertaining, thoughtful and heart-warming collections produced this year.

Never Far Away

Ryan Jenkins was once a happy husband and father, but a tragic accident took his wife from him; and now, all he can do is wish he were anywhere but at home.

But when his daughter discovers something on the beach, life becomes a lot more interesting…

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